Boston Marathon Results for Pilgrimage Track Club

Boston Marathon Pictures

The Pilgrimage Track Club's focus each year is the running of the Boston Marathon with emphasis on the team competition. The holy grail is the BAA Team Award. We hope to field a complete men's and women's team and begin to add master's teams each year. We welcome new members who want to help us on this quest.First, you must qualify. Please do not buy a number from the AMA or get a charity number. That is in a way cheating those who work hard to do it right. These standards aren't that bad if you train. It is not supposed to be easy. This is the Super Bowl of running!

Qualifying for the Boston Marathon

18-34 3:10 3:40
35-39 3:15 3:45
40-44 3:20 3:50
45-49 3:30 4:00
50-54 3:35 4:05
55-59 3:45 4:15
60-64 4:00 4:30
65-69 4:15 4:45
70-74 4:30 5:00
75-79 4:45 5:15
80-Over 5:00 5:30

Choose a marathon that will yield a good time. The Chicago Marathon is a great qualifier for the Boston Marathon. It is generally cooler, it has great support and there are plenty of people to cheer you on along the course. They count the chip time, so you can even start in the back and have fun passing everyone over the course of 26.2 miles.

Remember: the race is only half over at 20 miles. Make sure you train, and get your qualifying Marathon in the fall but after October 1. Boston Athletic Association allows your qualifying time for two years of Boston Marathons. Then you will have all winter to get ready for Boston and in case something happens, you have a second shot in the bank for the next year.

If you are interested in learning the race history. Go right now and order Tom Derderian's book Boston Marathon Centennial Edition published by Human Kinetics. This book will get you through 1995, but it is so rich in detail and description, that you will be able to build ably on your knowledge of the race.

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