Steve Skinner

Picture of Steve Skinner
DOB: 05/18/1964
Weight: 160
Height: 71
Hometown: Memphis
Residence: Collierville
Occupation: Business Application Advisor- FedEx
Education: High School: Raleigh-Egypt
College(s): Memphis State University
Member Since: 2006

Running Highlights

3:02 PR at the 2010 Boston Marathon
Favorite quote: Somewhere in the world someone is training when you are not. When you race him, he will win
FINALLY, age group 40-44 BQ at the 2008 St. Jude Marathon


full-marathon3:02:0004/19/2010Boston Marathon 2010/
full-marathon3:05:2312/05/2009St. Jude Marathon/
full-marathon3:51:3304/15/2013Boston Marathon 2013/

6263 Poplar Avenue, suite 1132
Memphis, TN 38119
Pilgrimage Track Club