Kelley Willis

Picture of Kelley Willis
DOB: 01/01/1970
Weight: 135
Height: 64
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Residence: Memphis, TN
Occupation: Director of Marketing- Smith & Nephew
Education: High School:Hillwood in Nashville
College(s): University of Memphis, BBA, and MBA
Member Since: 2003

Running Highlights

I started running at the age of 24 after being fairly sedentary most of my life. Ran my first marathon a year later and was hooked on distance running! Ran a Boston qualifier on my second marathon! I ran throughout most of my pregnancy, through my mother's cancer scare, a divorce and all sorts of other life changing events. I run most of the time on my own due to my hectic schedule but it gives me a sense of clarity that nothing else can provide.
My love of running has spilled over to my daughter who at 10 years old, is going to run her 2nd 5k with me. And I'm about to run marathon number 9 (3rd Boston) and plan to do many more....


1-mile (road)   /
5000m-road22:1006/01/2007Harbor Town 5k Memphis/
full-marathon3:29:5001/01/1996Twin Cities Marathon/
full-marathon3:41:3501/01/2008Philly Marathon/
half-marathon1:41:0612/03/2007St. Jude Half-Marathon/

6263 Poplar Avenue, suite 1132
Memphis, TN 38119
Pilgrimage Track Club