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The famed Mug Mile will be held at Germantown High School Track on May 5, 2017 at 6:00 PM

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The Mug Mile celebrates the most coveted of all accomplishments that any middle distance runner desires, the Four Minute Mile. Every May, Pilgrimage Track Club assembles a group of runners to commemorate this event by running the mile to get as close to 4 minutes as possible. Come out and be a part of the tradition. Club membership is not required and all times are welcomed.

This goal was once thought of as unattainable. Doctors and coaches alike thought that if someone Roger Bannister breaking 4 minute mile ran a 4-Minute mile, they would die of a heart attack shortly afterwards. In the Spring of 1954 three young men felt they were close to this goal, one from the U.S.A (Wes Santee), one from England (Roger Bannister), and one from Australia (John Landy). Only one could be the first and make their way into the record books.

The desire was to get all three athletes in the same race at the same time. This was difficult with Wes Santee having a duty to his University that out weighed his own glory, John Landy living in Australia where their season was opposite of the rest of the world and Roger Bannister studying to be a doctor.

4 minute mile plaque

Wes Santee had already run 4:01 at several track meets, but he also had to run the 4 x 1 mile and never had the chance to run the open mile fresh. Santee was never one to not do as he was told and the closest he came with the best competition it rained and made the track very sloppy. After the 4-Minute mile was already broken he ran a 4:00.5, but never broke the barrier. Wes Santee was the last American to score a medal in a major competition in the Pan American Games in 1955 until Legat(former Kenyan turned U.S. citizen) in the 2009 World Championships.

John Landy was limited to the amount of competition he had with the rest of the world due to the season changes. There were multiple attempts to get him to European racing circuits, but it is hard to change your cycles that you have adhered to since you were born. He seemed the most likely to break the barrier first, but with these limitations it made it too difficult. After Bannister broke the barrier Landy came back and broke his record by 2 seconds clocking a 3:57.9. Unfortunately it was overshadowed by Bannister.

Roger Bannister will forever be known as the man who broke the 4-Minute mile on that rainy day at Iffley Road Track on May 6th, 1954. After multiple attempts at the goal he finally accomplished this task and couldn't believe it even after seeing the clocks. Never again has the mile received so much attention for a goal that seems like everyone is breaking it.

Since Roger Bannister there have been a multitude of runners to break the 4-Minute mile but American, Steve Scott holds the record for the most sub 4-Minute miles at 136 with Australia's John Walker coming in a close second at 135. Recently Steve Scott's 27 year old American record of 3:47.69 by Alan Webb.

Noone knows what the barrier will be. As of 2009, the mile record of 3:43.13 was set by Morocco's Hicham El Guerrouj in 1999.

2017 Mug MIle

Pilgrimage Track Club picture

The Pilgrimage Track Club assembled a group of runners to commemorate this event by running the mile to get as close to 4 minutes as possible. We held our biggest event this year with over 100 runners of six heats. Adam Sommers was the overall male with a impressive time of 4:36, and the 1st overall female was LaShonda Lelap with a time of 5:38. The male master winner was Mario Aviles with a time of 5:12, and female master was Alison Sullivan with a time of 6:37.

1 Adam Sommers 4:36.07 Breakaway
2 Alden Dixon 4:59.05 Germantown High School Track Coach
3 Mario Aviles 5:12.49 Farmington Track Coach
4 Johnathan Sanders 5:17.90
5 LaShonda Lelap 5:38.74
6 Clint Daniels 5:39.70 Houston High School Track Coach/Pilgrimage
7 Mallory Bader 5:40.56
8 Aflie Descheneaux 5:42.22 Collierville Middle Track and Field
9 Will Skinner 5:46.37 Collierville Middle Track and Field
10 Robert Randall 5:46.73
11 Jack McSwain 5:47.03 Houston Middle Track and Field
12 Aubrey Zimmerling 5:47.67
13 Luke Carpenter 5:51.61 Dogwood Elementary
14 Michael Driver 5:56.86 Pilgrimage Track Club
15 David Adair 5:57.91 Houston Middle Track Coach
16 Morgan Harris 6:01.97
17 Zoe Marsh 6:03.22 Farmington Elementary
18 Kevin Jenkins 6:04.83 Pilgrimage Track Club
19 Emma Adair 6:14.71 Houston Middle Track and Field
20 Molly Lomax 6:16.85 Farmington Elementary
21 Alexandra Trigg 6:17.15
22 Andrew DeGroot 6:18.73
23 Whitten Ortega 6:19.96 Houston High Track Coach/Pilgrimage Track
24 Daniel Hudnall 6:21.30 Pilgrimage Kids Track Club
25 Jeff Bogda 6:21.78
26 Sloan Cooper 6:25.54

2016 Mug Mile

Pilgrimage Track Club picture

1 Brian Harris 4:56.13
2 Justin Pinkston 4:59.13
3 Wiliam Trigg 5:04.51
4 James Tatum 5:14.27
5 B J Bradley 5:22.51
6 George Taylor 5:39.85
7 Will Skinner 5:43.58 PTC Kids
8 Aubrey Zimmerling 5:46.36 Female Overall
9 Mallory Bader 5:50.34
10 Adam Sommers 5:50.72
11 Clint Daniels 5:53.13 Male Master "PTC"
12 Ladell George 5:57.72 PTC
13 Alfie Descheneaux 6:02.87 CMS Dragons
14 Steve Winkel 6:10.46 Male Grand Master
15 Alexandria Trigg 6:15.22
16 Carl Brown 6:16.24
17 Maven Ford 6:26.00
18 Whit Ortega 6:32.38
19 Nick Verner 6:39.75 PTC Kids
20 Nicholas Trigg 6:43.40
21 Daniel Hudnall 7:02.06
22 Miles Garland 7:11.12
23 James Catchings 7:14.80
24 Braedon Edwards 7:30.24
25 Davonta Brown 7:37.09
26 Linda Porterfield 7:43.12
27 Norman Dodson 7:57.95
28 Bud Joyner 8:03.22 Age 76. Amazing time
29 Joni Winkler 8:11.54
30 Miles Edwards 8:28.66
31 Emily Lotz 8:32.81
32 Patrick Spriggs 11:07.38
33 Keyon Brown 12:38.15
34 Emanuel Brown 12:39.84

2015 Mug Mile

Pilgrimage Track Club picture

The famed Mug Mile was held at the Germantown High School Track on May 01, 2015. A special thanks to the Memphis Runner's Club for timing the event, and Germantown High School, and the Healthy School Team Initiative for allowing us to use their facilites. A special recognition to Will Skinner and Alexandra Trigg for breaking the local MTRC mile record for the 9 and under. Will broke the record by 10 seconds which has been held since 2006. Alexandra broke her own MTRC record that she set in 2014.

1 William Trigg 5:07.46
2 Doug Lauber 5:17.98 Pilgrimage Track Club
3 Caleb Skinner 5:48.26 Pilgrimage Kids Track Club- Age 11
4 Will Skinner 5:51.40 Pilgrimage Kids Track Club- Age 9
5 Jeff Bogda 5:56.61
6 Michael Cowgill 6:12.62
7 Nick Verner 6:22.05 Pilgrimage Kids Track Club- Age 13
8 Gabrielle Trigg 6:33.27
9 Alexandra Trigg 6:43.20
10 Whitten Ortega 6:49.27 Pilgrimage Track Club
11 Nicholas Trigg 6:51.50 Age 8
12 Miles Garland 7:10.18 Collierville SYS Dragons- Age 9
13 Addie Bogda 7:42.81 Collierville SYS Dragons- Age 8
14 Shelly Bogda 7:52.51 Collierville SYS Dragons Coach
15 Daniel Hudnall 7:54.07 Pilgrimage Kids Track Club- Age 6
16 Jeff Garland 8:07.49 Collierville SYS Dragons Coach
17 Kevin Ponds 8:30.58
18 Patrick Spriggs 10:14.81 Pilgrimage Kids Track Club- Age 5

2014 Mug Mile

Pilgrimage Track Club picture

The famed Mug Mile was held at the Germantown High School Track on May 03, 2014. Pictured starting from the left are Nick Verner, Will Skinner, and Sathiya Thiagarajan. These boys ran in the 3rd Annual Pilgrimage Kids heat. Will Skinner taking first with a 6:10, followed by Nick Verner with a 6:50, and closing in on him was Sathiya Thiagarajan who is a member of Collierville SYS track ran a 6:51. The boys are holding their coffee mug with a gift certificate to Starbucks. I believe those will be passed on to their Dads. A special thanks to the Memphis Runner's Club for timing the event, and Germantown High School, and the Healthy School Team Initiative for allowing us to use their facilites.

1 Graham Farnsworth 4:38.66
2 Adam Sommers 4:45.66 Pilgrimage
3 Bobby Bradley 4:48.26
4 Derek Morgan 4:49.56
5 Avery Alexander 4:50.68
6 Brian Harris 4:58.72
7 Brian Reese 4:58.94
8 Johnny Harrison 5:13.10
9 Luis Cambron 5:21.62
10 Adrian Hall 5:28.63
11 Clint Daniels 5:28.70 Pilgrimage
12 William Trigg 5:35.11
13 Thomas Garner 5:37.25
14 Jarred Thweatt 5:38.90
15 Marcus Jones 5:41.63
16 Joel Lyons 5:54.60 Pilgrimage
17 Matt Heidenreich 5:58.95
18 Emily Farnsworth 6:01.87
19 Jay Sole M 55 6:02.32
20 Marcus Trigg 6:07.94
21 Will Skinner 6:10.19 Pilgrimage Kids -age 8
22 Stacy Chick 6:17.27
23 Brad Taylor 6:21.12
24 Dennis Nicholson 6:26.61
25 James Stewart 6:42.61
26 Nick Verner 6:50.07 PIlgrimage Kids- age 12
27 Sathiya Thiagarajan 6:51.12 Collierville SYS Track age-7
28 Alexandra Trigg 6:52.08 Tupelo Track- age 8
29 Braedon Edwards 7:13.42 Unattached- age 10
30 Louise Buisseret 7:20.21 Pilgrimage
31 Linda Porterfield 7:28.99
32 Nicholas Trigg 7:40.96 Tupelo Track- age 7
33 Jack Wiese 7:52.65 Pilgrimage Kids- age 7
34 Coby Wiese 8:04.92 Pilgrimage Kids -age 10
35 Ronda Jacoby 8:16.92
37 Sonja Sullivan 8:52.72
38 Raphael Buisseret 11:37.81 Pilgrimage Kids- age 6

2012 Mug Mile

Pilgrimage Track Club picture

The Pilgrimage Track Club held its annual race of the Mug Mile. The Mug Mile celebrates the most coveted of all accomplishments that any middle distance runner desires, the Four Minute Mile. Every May, the Pilgrimage Track Club assembles a group of runners to commemorate this event by running the mile to get as close to 4 minutes as possible.

Last night at the Germantown High School track, runners from all ages were tested to run the mile. The first ever kids heat was held and the youngest runner to toe the line was little Miles Sullivan 4 years of age with a finish time of 12:48.15. Gotta love the first name, "Miles" how appropriate to have one running to celebrate the 4 minute mile. The winner of the kids heat was his older sister, Claudia Sullivan with a finish time of 6:42.49. Our oldest runner was Bud Joyner, 72 years of age, who is a local running legend in the Memphis running community, and his finish time was a 7:38.96.

The closes runners to get into the 4 minute barrier were Scott McNeil and Michael Morelli. Scott posted a time of 4:49.99, and tucked right behind him most of the race was Michael Morelli with a finish time of 4:53.47. Running a very impressive race and time of 5:25.32 was 12 year old Zachary Brazil, who I need to say ran in the men's heat. Clint Daniels was dueling it out with the youngster too, with a finish time of 5:27.88.

Click here to view all the results. 13th Annual Mug Mile

A special thanks to the Memphis Runner's Club for timing the event, and Germantown High School, and the Healthy School Team Initiative for allowing us to use their facilites.

Submitted by:Steve Skinner

1 Scott McNeil 4:49:99 Breakaway
2 Michael Morelli 4:53:47 Breakaway
3 Claudius Waterton 5:03.47 Unattached
4 Trace McIntyre 5:20.20 Unattached
5 Zachary Brazil 5:25.32 Pilgrimage Track Kid's Club
6 Clint Daniels 5:27.88 Pilgrimage Track Club
7 Joel Lyons 5:42.30 Pilgrimage Track Club
8 Bruce Keisling 5:47.06 Pilgrimage Track Club
9 Chris Wiese 5:51.20 Thunder Racing
10 Steve Winkel 5:55.01 Unattached
11 Kent Harrison 6:00.24` Memphis Runner's Club
12 Timaaay Verner 6:05.50 Pilgrimage Track Club
13 Aaron Edwards 6:06.37 Pilgrimage Track Club
14 Philip Douglas 6:13.11 Memphis Runner's Club
15 Alison Sullivan 6:14.77 Pilgrimage Track Club
16 Rob Humphreys 6:18.83 Memphis Runner's Club
17 Aida Weise 6:19.38 Thunder Racing
18 Naketa Edney 6:21.86 Memphis Runner's Club
19 Angie Tackett 6:26.48 Pilgrimage Track Club
20 Rick Ellis 6:29.65 Memphis Runner's Club
21 Houston Wolf 6:33.02 Thunder Racing
22 Whitten Ortega 6:33.31 Pilgrimage Track Club
23 James Stewart 6:38.33 Memphis Runner's Club
24 Claudia Sullivan 6:42.48 Pilgrimage Track Kid's Club
25 Kelley Willis 6:47.01 Pilgrimage Track Club
26 Brandon Hanna 6:51.99 Collierville SYS Track
27 Norman Dodson 6:55.48 Memphis Runner's Club
28 Linda Porterfield 7:02.73 Memphis Runner's Club
29 Chloe Willis 7:09.09 Pilgrimage Track Kid's Club
30 Caleb Skinner 7:10.19 Collierville SYS Track
31 Evan Hall 7:18.68 Unattached
32 Nick Verner 7:23.33 Pilgrimage Track Kid's Club
33 Bud Joyner 7:47.91 Memphis Runner's Club
34 Kimberly Lomardi 7:45.43 Pilgrimage Track Club
35 John Joyner 7:47.91 Memphis Runner's Club
36 Sam Sullivan 8:29.41 Pilgrimage Track Kid's Club
37 Jacinta Sullivan 8:44.07 Pilgrimage Track Kid's Club
38 Olivia Sullivan 8:48.23 Pilgrimage Track Kid's Club
39 William Skinner 8:51.92 Collierville SYS Track
40 Coby Wiese 9:38.83 Collierville SYS Track
41 Lily Edwards 10:23.46 Pilgrimage Track Kid's Club
42 Jack Wiese 12:25.48 Collierville SYS Track
43 Miles Sullivan 12:48.18 Pilgrimage Track Kid's Club
44 John Balthrop 14:27.87 Pilgrimage Track Kid's Club

2011 Mug Mile

Pilgrimage Track Club picture

The famed Mug Mile was held at the Germantown High School Track on May 12, 2011.

1 BJ Bradley 4:54
2 Hal Roberts 4:55
3 Margaret Smith 5:19
4 John Geiger 5:32 Pilgrimage Track Club
5 Scott Peatross 5:31
6 Matt Nason 5:39
7 Whitten Ortega 5:41 Pilgrimage Track Club
8 Katie Balthrop 5:53 Pilgrimage Track Club
9 Shannon Leak 5:59
10 Lauralys Shallow 6:04
11 Collen Shallow 6:04
12 Steve Skinner 6:09 Pilgrimage Track Club
13 Ashely Spriggs 6:12 Pilgrimage Track Club
14 Naketa Edney 6:23 Pyramid Track Club
15 James Stewart 6:28
16 Linda Porterfield 7:06
17 Jocelyn Woods 7:11
18 Bud Joyner 7:15 Memphis Runners Club
19 Maggie Heath 7:19
20 John Joyne 8:01 Memphis Runner's Club
21 Tara Alexander 8:28
22 Jay Schwarzmann 8:44
23 Kayla Edwards 10:42

2010 Mug Mile

Pilgrimage Track Club picture

The famed Mug Mile was held at the Germantown High School track. The weather was more than perfect. The original forecast for the week called for Thunder Storms and rain; but that's not what we had, it was partly sunny with low humidity in the 50% range. There was a nice turnout of runners for the event honoring the unbelievable milestone set on May 6th, 1954 by the Brit Roger Bannister running the first sub 4 minute mile during a meet at Oxford University winning the race with a time of 3:59.4. John Geiger offered a $1000 dollars to anyone last night running under a 4:00 minute mile.

1 Jeff Haushalter 5:00 Pilgrimage Track Club
2 John Geiger 5:13 Pilgrimage Track Club
3 Abigail Topham 5:18
4 Scott Peatross 5:26 Memphis Runner's Club
5 Steve Skinner 5:27 Pilgrimage Track Club
6 Taylor Verner 5:30 Christian Brothers High School
7 Daniel Anderson 5:33 Christian Brothers High School
8 Bryan Finley 5:41
9 Frances Lawhead 5:46
10 Adam Sommers 5:55
11 Scott Newstok 6:00
12 Brenda Walton 6:01 Pilgrimage Track Club
13 Brandon Pelts 6:05
14 Trey Adams 6:08
15 Asika Muhammed 6:09
16 Jay Wilkerson 6:20
17 Rick Ellis 6:22
18 Maria Williams 6:28 Pilgrimage Track Club
19 Alison Hammersla 6:43.0
20 Christine Cordts 6:43.2 Pilgrimage Track Club
21 Bradley Cordts 6:43.6 Pilgrimage Track Club
22 Maketa Edney 6:46
23 Bill Bautiste 6:48
24 Delicia Thompson 6:51
25 Bud Joyner 7:09 Memphis Runner's Club
26 Barry Pelts 7:19
27 Padma Lyons 7:21 Pilgrimage Track Club
28 Bob Teutsch 7:31 Memphis Runner's Club
29 C.C. Vernon 7:40
30 Nicholas Verner 7:54
31 Amy Vernon 8:00
32 Willie Wells 8:01.0
33 Joshua Topham 8:01.3
34 Jack Heston 8:27
35 Edward Johnson 11:05

6th Annual Mug Mile

Start of Mug Mile 2005

On a comfortably warm, nearly windless evening, right at twilight, the annual homage to Sir Roger Bannister's Historical chase of the sub-four minute barrier ended with Mark Newman pulling out a hard fought win over Vince Perryman in the featured event. The women's race was a mixed event run during the first heat, and a late charging Cookie Cordts overtook Rachel Ragan for the Women's Mug.

The men's race saw Clint Daniel take out the pace with Vince Perryman moving to the lead by 220 yards, and commanding nearly 30 yards at early points in the race. He hit the first 400 in 64 and then eased into a steady rhythm until Newman slowly moved up and took over with a huge burst at 300 yards to go to nail down the victory.

Yeee haaaa This race saw Clint Daniel begin a return to form after battling injuries for some time. He nailed down a sub-five for the first time in three years one day before he hits his Master's debut. Michael Driver posted a PR for the mile distance with a steady performance.

In the women's race, Christine Cordts ran negative splits with a blistering last lap for her in 91 seconds. This marked a 24 second PR!!! She is very pleased with her personal trainer, Mark Hamer, is really helping her make huge leaps at all distances.

Walt Rider won the Grand masters, and the Eternal Bud Joyner, posted a time that should nationally and even possibly world rank him for the mile distance.

Walt's son Matty got the taste of overall victory posting a very solid 5:58.25 for age 13 in the first heat.

The best story from the event, though, was young Seth Rider, who sporting long, blonde hair, (think Tom Byers circa 1979) who found the race on the internet and told his dad they needed to come out and run this event. The 8 year old Seth posted a very brave 7:44.

5th Annual Mug Mile

Pilgrimage Track Club picture

Pilgrimage Track Club's Todd Moroney held off Christian Brother's U. top-dog Ben Knoernschild 4:26.30 to 4:33.1. Laureen Coffelt ran a barrier breaking 5:53.6 to win the women's race.

1 Todd Moroney 4:26.3 Pilgrimage Track Club
2 Ben Knoernschild 4:33.1 Christian Brothers University
3 Chuck Jones 4:44.4 Pilgrimage Track Club
4 Curt Arthur 4:52.2 Pilgrimage Track Club
5 Bert Hull 4:55.4 Memphis Runners Track Club
6 Vince Perryman 5:02.4 Pilgrimage Track Club
7 Clint Daniels 5:05.4 Pilgrimage Track Club
8 Will Wright 5:25.5 Christian Brothers University
9 Jonathan Myers 5:32.9 Christian Brothers University
10 Laureen Coffelt (1st Female) 5:53.6 Pilgrimage Track Club
11 Valerie Pino (2nd Female) 6:11.5 Pilgrimage Track Club
12 Bud Joyner (Age 64) 6:28.9 Pilgrimage Track Club
13 Ashley Spriggs (3rd Female) 6:32.3 Pilgrimage Track Club
14 Kelley Willis (4th Female) 6:58.7 Pilgrimage Track Club
15 Cookie Cordts (5th Female) 7:08.7 Pilgrimage Track Club

4th Annual Mug Mile

Mug Mile 2003 Start

Adam Didyk, a University of Memphis runner and Pilgrimage Track Club member, won the 4th installment of the Mug Mile in a new record: 4:23.06. PTC's Todd Moroney gave chase right to the line. Todd finished second in 4:25.20. PTC's Curt Arthur, a former two-time champion of the event was third in 4:42.15.

1 Adam Didyk 4:23.06 University of Memphis
2 Todd Moroney 4:25.20 Pilgrimage Track Club
3 Curt Arthur 4:42.15 Pilgrimage Track Club
4 John Geiger 4:49.79 Pilgrimage Track Club
5 Matt Tanner 5:13.25 Christian Brothers University
6 Francisco Zunta 5:18.82 Christian Brothers University
7 Danny Greer (Master's Champion) 5:25.12 Pilgrimage Track Club
8 Joel Lyons (Master's Runner Up) 5:35.23 Pilgrimage Track Club
9 Will Wright 5:25 Christian Brothers University
10 Rachel Best (1st Female) 5:42.82 Pilgrimage Track Club
11 Bud Joyner 6:43.29 Memphis Runners Track Club

3rd Annual Mug Mile

Pilgrimage Track Club picture

The Third Annual Mug Run was a success. The race was held on July 13, 2002 at the U of M South Campus. Vince Perryman won with a 4:46.8; newcomer Bert Hull (not yet a Pilgrim) was second in 4:50.00 (without the benefit of a warm-up); 3rd B. Cordts 4:56.5; 4th Joe Coffelt 5:08.8; 5th Danny Greer 5:32.4; Laureen Coffelt 6th (1st woman) 5:57.9; Carlyn Hakola 7th (2nd Woman) 6:53.6 and 8th (3rd woman) Cookie Cordts 7:07.2.

1 Vince Perryman 4:46.8 Pilgrimage Track Club
2 Bert Hull 4:50.00
3 Bradley Cordts 4:56.5 Pilgrimage Track Club
4 Joe Coffelt 5:08.8 Pilgrimage Track Club
5 Danny Greer 5:32.4 Pilgrimage Track Club
6 Laureen Coffelt (1st Female) 5:57.9 Pilgrimage Track Club
7 Carlyn Hakola (2nd Female) 6:53.6 Pilgrimage Track Club
8 Cookie Cordts (3rd Female) 7:07.2 Pilgrimage Track Club

2nd Annual Mug Mile

Pilgrimage Track Club picture

As this was our second annual Mug Mile we did not keep a lot of records for this race. We only have the overall winner.

1 Mark Newman Pilgrimage Track Club

1st Annual Mug Mile

Curt Arthur, Clint Daniels, Bradley Cordts, Joel Lyons, Joe Coffelt and John Geiger

This was the first annual Mug Mile. We didn't get times on this year. The runners from left to right are Curt Arthur, Clint Daniels, Bradley Cordts, Joel Lyons, Joe Coffelt and John Geiger

1 Curt Arthur Pilgrimage Track Club
2 Clint Daniels Pilgrimage Track Club
3 Bradley Cordts Pilgrimage Track Club
4 Joel Lyons Pilgrimage Track Club
5 Joe Coffelt Pilgrimage Track Club
6 John Geiger Pilgrimage Track Club

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