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Vision Quest Continues

Posted By: Bradley Cordts on 08/31/2011

Christine made it into Edmonton on time today, Friday, August 19.  When I last signed off, I was heading out for a walk about to find the Edmonton Running Room. It was a bit of a hike, but I got there.  They did have exactly what I needed. In fact, this may be a blessing in disguise as I got Nike Elite +2 shoes in a half size smaller than the ones I had been training in as I usually wear orthotics on training runs and go without for racing flats. I decided to wear these light trainers to help elevate my sore left Achilles. I have spent the last few hours walking in them, and they fit great and are already feeling broken in. Obviously, they have a lot of life in them.  I am going with these whether the bag comes or not.  I also had to get some calf compression sleeves. My old self would have rolled in the grave before I would have gotten into this. However, considering Paula Radcliffe did a world best 2:15 wearing them, I have little worry. Also, they actually work. I have been battling a bad left Achilles for the last year, and these have helped.  They speed recovery, keep the injured area feeling warmed up and protected, and they really make the legs feel good during air travel. I got some sleeves and socks at Fleet Feet in Memphis as well as BreakAWay in Germantown.

While at Running Room, I also picked up a cheap singlet and some good shorts (you got to have good shorts).  I will use a Sharpe to get the PTC on the singlet if my bag and singlet do not arrive. LESSON: NEVER CHECK YOUR RACE GEAR.
After the Portland marathon, I felt a bit sorry for myself, and I was definitely eating my way into the bigger boys sizes. I hit an all time high (or low, if you think about it).  I topped out at 180 pounds.  I had to do something and quick. It was already July 11.  That is when one of my Navy colleagues told me his recent secret. He went on the Paleo Solution diet. There is a book by the same name by Robb Wolff. You can download it for $10 on iTunes or similar services. I jammed through it in a weekend, and although it nearly killed me, I have been pretty consistent with over 80 percent or higher compliance. Some things are really hard because of the lack of availability.  In a nutshell, it involves centering food choices on a hunter gatherer's diet as Paleo man did before organized agriculture.  So the diet is heavy on meat (wild caught or grass fed when possible) and vegetables with small amount of raw nuts and small amounts of fruits when working out. Just focusing on trying to do all of this, I was able to lose 11 pounds since July 14, and I got down to 169 pounds, which at 6'1 is getting in the zone of acceptable weight.  I want to lose another 11 or 15 pounds.

The last sub three I ran was with a weight of just over 150 pounds in February 2008 at Tokyo.  The Paleo theory is that grains and corn are not naturally processed by the body the way other more complex carbs are like raw veggies. Wolff states that we physically swell as if fighting off an antibody when we eat grains.  He also has a theory that soda, even diet, must go as it screws up the insulin mechanisms in us. People who drink diet soda tend to drink a lot of it because they feel it has not calories, but it is having an effect on them, and not a good one.  Unsweetened ice tea has been a great change for me.  I have a soda once in a great while, but it is few and far between.  The weird thing is getting salads with meat on them instead of sandwiches. I didn't realize how much bread I was eating until I cut it out. I don't have that "I need to pass out after lunch" feeling anymore.  Maybe I am just lowering  my calories and it is all a gimmick.  At this point, I am happy. It is also easy because you do not fight hunger as much.  It is amazing what a big wedge of beef jerky as a snack does to hunger. It is a lot better than a snickers or carb-loaded Power Bar.  The other interesting treat is Pumpkin seeds.  They have all sorts of magnesium in them which apparently is important.
I will check in later after we get to the number pick up in the next few hours. <i>Bradley Cordts, a.k.a. Boston B.

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