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Blogs for the month of January of 2010

Re: Injury Prone
Posted By: Tim Verner on 01/19/2010
Don't worry, Chuck. Thanksgiving 2008 I fell on the trail and skewered my ribs on a cut-off tree stump. While it did not break the rib, it did tear some kind of cartilage. It healed pretty well after about eight weeks. Eight weeks later I tripped ...Read more
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Injury Prone
Posted By: Chuck Jones on 01/18/2010
I have recently searched internally to determine if I am injury prone or if I participate in so many things at such a competitive level I get more injuries than the normal person. Here is a layout of the recent injuries...Broken RibSprained AnkleDeh ...Read more
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NCAA Indoor Championships
Posted By: Clint Daniels on 01/13/2010
For anyone interested, the Univ. of Arkansas will be hosting the NCAA Indoor Championships March 12-13 at the Randall Tyson Indoor Track Center in Fayetteville. It will be a few years before they host another one. Texas AandM has it 2011 and Boise ...Read more
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Posted By: Steve Skinner on 01/12/2010
Currently the webserver for is down. I wrote the support group about it, but their email goes to the same server, so of course I didn't get a reply. This website has been around for many years, and has a lot of top-no ...Read more
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Sunday Run - January 10th
Posted By: Tim Verner on 01/09/2010
Some of us are meeting at the Shelby Farms Visitor's Center Sunday morning ay 8:30. We are planning 13 to 14 on the trails. Temps should not be too bad.
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Last night
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 01/08/2010
The frigid weather didn't stop us last night. 3 pilgrims did a 8 mile street run, and 3 pilgrims did a track workout. I don't know who had it the toughest. Saturday's run will be tough no matter what time you attempt to do it. Whit and I are starting ...Read more
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Results Posted for Hill and Dale, DAC 10k
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 01/03/2010
The results for Hill and Dale, and DAC 10k are posted on the team website.
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Sunday Morning Run
Posted By: Tim Verner on 01/02/2010
Brenda and I are running 12 to 13 in the morning starting at 7:30. We are going to stay mostly on the trails meeting at the gravel parking lot on the Germantown Pkwy side of the Yellow Trail. Join us if yall want a good medium distance trail run but ...Read more
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Hill and Dale
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 01/02/2010
Looks like I have my work cut-out for me. Joel did well this morning running the Hill and Dale (54:43). There is a APB for Glenn. He missed two runs in a row. Maybe Glenn is gearing up the Chickasaw Chase. I guess I need to make a showing at Chickasa ...Read more
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New Year's Run
Posted By: Joel Lyons on 01/01/2010
Had a fun time on the run this morning. Missed seeing Whit, Danny, Clint P., Joe, Glenn, and Vince. It was good to have the Haushalter duo to keep us honest. I'd like to thank all the ladies for cooking up some delicious food. Special thanks to Chris ...Read more
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re: New Years Run
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 01/01/2010
Happy New Year, and thanks for keeping the streets safe. Good job on the run by yourself. I know it was coooold. I have kept a fire burning most of the day. Tomorrow's run should be quite cold too. Glenn and Joel are going to have a tough time runni ...Read more
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New Year Run
Posted By: Whit Ortega on 01/01/2010
Happy New Year to all my Pilgrim teamates; here are some of my new yr. resolutions: to Joel L., i definitely want a half-marathon rematch; to my buddy Mike D., keep a few steps ahead of me so i can become a better runner; to my friend Tim V., he alwa ...Read more
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