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Blogs for the month of February of 2010

Posted By: Brett Rantanen on 02/27/2010
Thanks again for the MUS workout on 2/16. I only managed 1X1200, 1X800 and 3X400. That first 1200 I don't remember my feet hitting the track. Being in the pack again around the turns and through the straight stretches was an experience I've painfully ...Read more
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Gtown 1/2 Run tomorrow 7:30am
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 02/19/2010
Several of us are meeting tomorrow morning at 7;30am to run the Gtown 1/2 course. Glenn and I are planning on running 18 to 20 miles. Whit, and Tammie are doing 15 miles. Joel hasn't decided on his distances. His longrun is scheduled for Sunday.
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