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Blogs for the month of April of 2010

2010 Mug Mile
Posted By: Joel Lyons on 04/30/2010
Hey y'all. We going to have the mug mile this year? It sort of came upon us quickly after so many of us ran Boston. We usually would have it the first week in May to coincide with the anniversary of Roger Bannister's first sub 4 min mile, but that is ...Read more
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Hayward Classic
Posted By: Brett Rantanen on 04/24/2010
I've been training with hopes of competing at the Hayward Classic, June 25-27. The mile and the 5000. With lofty goals of a sub 5 and sub 17. Nine weeks to go. It would be an honor to have company from Memphis. What do ya'll think? Brett in Boise & ...Read more
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CM Marathon Nashville
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 04/24/2010
Hudnall run hard today. Looks like the weather is holding out for you. That's great. SteveO
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CHICAGO FOCUS 10-10-10 2:45 or Die Trying
Posted By: Bradley Cordts on 04/17/2010
There is a new mission:  Chicago Marathon October 10, 2010= 2:45 I am going to make my comeback at this race. A new goal is 2:45:00. This will be an attempt to get into Fukuoka International Marathon in Japan.  A qualified r ...Read more
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Thanks Brett
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 04/16/2010
I hope to run well. Just have to wait and see. I always want to run faster than the last race. It is a blessing from the Lord to be able to run.
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Good Luck
Posted By: Brett Rantanen on 04/16/2010
Good Luck and God Speed to all the Boston Marathoner's!   Brett in Boise
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Pollen and the Spring
Posted By: Chuck Jones on 04/15/2010
Is the Pollen over yet?  If Boston Marathon runners have to contend with pollen I do not envy them.
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