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Blogs for the month of November of 2009

A Blogging Dynamo
Posted By: Tim Verner on 11/30/2009
SteveO, you are a true blogging dynamo.
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USTAF Membership
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 11/29/2009
I just registered for the USTAF membership online. Pretty simple to do. It took about 3 minutes. Cost of membership are as follows: 1 year $30, 2 years $55, 3 years $80, and 4 years $100.
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Saturday AM Run
Posted By: Tim Verner on 11/27/2009
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving feast and no one is bleeding. Unfortunately that is not the case at Timmy's household. It seems as the promotional mini baseball bats that are given away at the Redbirds games have become weapons durning my so ...Read more
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Posted By: Whit Ortega on 11/27/2009
Hope all pilgrims had a wonderful Turkey Day! Glen H. had a respectful time at turkey trot. Steevo, rest up for tomorrow's run. anyone interested their will be a 12-14 mile moderate paced run sat. am. Location t.b.a. Time approx.7:00am.Call my cell#4 ...Read more
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Happy Thanksgiving 2009
Posted By: Whit Ortega on 11/26/2009
I want to wish everyone and their family a Happy Thanksgiving. Don't forget to run today so you can eat all you want this turkey day. Are we running tonight? Ha, Ha,...... Good Luck Glenn, Timmy, and MikeD at the Turkey Trot race. Hope the wind was n ...Read more
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PTC Website
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 11/25/2009
The PTC website is up and running thanks to Chuck Jones. Let's start getting our Athlete Bio together. I would like to start updating each athlete's data. Please look at Clint Daniel's profile as an example, and provide me with similiar data and a ph ...Read more
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Running through tragedy
Posted By: Chuck Jones on 11/24/2009
I have been a runner for 20 years now and I have run through it all. Rain, sleet, tornadoes, hurricane, 115 degree temperatures, -9 degree temperatures, 50 MPH winds, ghettos, country roads, city streets, trespassing, creeks, buildings, naked, on a ...Read more
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