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Blogs for the month of December of 2009

Tues. Workout
Posted By: Whit Ortega on 12/30/2009
Tues. afternoon run in collierville without my training partner SteveO since he ran am;total 10.5 miles, with 3 one mile intervels of 7:00,6:50; 6;29 respectfully. JWO
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re: Alternate Tuesday Run, 12/2
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 12/28/2009
I'm off this week from work. I plan on making the Tuesday morning run.
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Alternate Tuesday Run, 12/29
Posted By: Tim Verner on 12/27/2009
A few of us can't run on Tuesday night due to a conflict so we are going to meet at the Germantown Center at 9 AM for an 8-mile run on the greenway.
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re: link
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 12/26/2009
We have been talking about making it as a message board. But I do like the idea of having the run link by itself. That way people wouldn't miss a run. Posting it to a calendar would be nice.
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Re: RUN link
Posted By: Vince Perryman on 12/26/2009
I think it would work. I just realized that we are using blog technology as a sort of message board. It might be easier if this was just a message board. Can Green Stream do that?
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RUN Link
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 12/26/2009
Vince, would a location run link off the main home page maybe called "Schedule a TeamRun" work. We could post a run "location/date/time" just like using the Blog page.
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Group Runs
Posted By: Vince Perryman on 12/26/2009
So everyone knows can we consistantly post the location of our runs? Can we pin such a thread to the top of the blog?Tomorrow (Sunday 12/27/09) Joel said some of us are meeting at 8:30am from the Vistor Center at Shelby Farms and running long. ...Read more
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Merry Christmas
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 12/24/2009
Merry Christmas to everyone, and "a Savior has been born to you, he is called Christ the Lord".
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it was long, garmin 10k
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 12/20/2009
The garmin 10k was long. My time was not that impressive. So it had to be long. I contested the winner, but he didn't care. He said take it up with the race director. It was a no win situation.
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Garmin 10K 12/18/2009 Collierville
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 12/19/2009
Hey... Joel, guess who was the winner of the "SteveO Garmin 10K" last night in Collierville. That's right SteveO. However, I was the only one running.
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It's almost time......
Posted By: Tim Verner on 12/18/2009
SteveO, it is almost time to begin to train for Boston. But not yet. The challenge for you coming off of such a good run at Memphis is to actually make it to the start line in Hopkington healthy. Take a few days off during the holidays. Put your ...Read more
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Posted By: Steve Skinner on 12/14/2009
I got your email about the longruns you did this past weekend. Somebody needs to define the word "longrun" to you. Anything 10 miles or less in SteveO's training book is considered an easy day of running.
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Boston Training?
Posted By: John Geiger on 12/13/2009
Steve-O, the mere fact that Joel acknowledged training has begun means that he is afraid!
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Feeling the effects
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 12/12/2009
Rolled out of bed early this morning and knocked out my longrun to beat the freezing rain, Yeah right, it was cool and sunny. Also, I think someone filled my legs this morning with concrete, and lead. It wasn't until mile 5 that I started to get into ...Read more
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Posted By: Steve Skinner on 12/05/2009
Joe should love to hear this, I believe the weight of my garmin actually caused a strain on my left forearm. The constant turning of my wrist to look at my pace irritated it. Or maybe it was the two pairs of gloves, and hand-warmers. Ha....
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Pilgrims in St. Jude Marathon and Half Marathon
Posted By: Joel Lyons on 12/05/2009
Great job Steve-O and John G. You do us old guys proud. Also congrats to Rachel Best for her 2nd place Memphian finish in the Marathon.Jeff Haushalter also ran excellently, representing the Pilgrims in the Half Marathon. He ran 1:15:32
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Posted By: Tim Verner on 12/05/2009
Congratulations to both SteveO and John for a great race. SteveO, we knew you had it in you. John, thanks for throwing me your gloves at Union Ave/Danny Thomas. I was able to use what was left of your hand warmers during my stint directing traffic ...Read more
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Taper, Taper, Taper
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 12/02/2009
Not one for tapering, but sort of enjoying it. My garmin feels deprived this week though. I haven't even needed to charge it. 24 miles this week, and the average pace is not looking good. I guess I need to drop the hammer at St. Jude. I will run unt ...Read more
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