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Vision Quest Continues
Posted By: Bradley Cordts on 08/31/2011
Christine made it into Edmonton on time today, Friday, August 19.  When I last signed off, I was heading out for a walk about to find the Edmonton Running Room. It was a bit of a hike, but I got there.  They did have exactly what I needed. ...Read more
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Vision Quest Boston
Posted By: Bradley Cordts on 08/31/2011
Welcome Pilgrims to my big Canadian adventure for my last chance to qualify for Boston.  My 16 year consecutive streak is in jeopardy. After being stuck in Japan for 39 days before the marathon in Mach and April this year and working crazy hours ...Read more
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CHICAGO FOCUS 10-10-10 2:45 or Die Trying
Posted By: Bradley Cordts on 04/17/2010
There is a new mission:  Chicago Marathon October 10, 2010= 2:45 I am going to make my comeback at this race. A new goal is 2:45:00. This will be an attempt to get into Fukuoka International Marathon in Japan.  A qualified r ...Read more
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