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John's workout for Boston 2010 has a link on the Boston results page
Posted By: Chuck Jones on 05/04/2010
If you would like to view John Geiger's workout that he used for his buildup and amazing performance to Boston 2010 go to the results page for Boston results on the Pilgrimage Track Club page or click here. ...Read more
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Pollen and the Spring
Posted By: Chuck Jones on 04/15/2010
Is the Pollen over yet?  If Boston Marathon runners have to contend with pollen I do not envy them.
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Injury Prone
Posted By: Chuck Jones on 01/18/2010
I have recently searched internally to determine if I am injury prone or if I participate in so many things at such a competitive level I get more injuries than the normal person. Here is a layout of the recent injuries...Broken RibSprained AnkleDeh ...Read more
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Running through tragedy
Posted By: Chuck Jones on 11/24/2009
I have been a runner for 20 years now and I have run through it all. Rain, sleet, tornadoes, hurricane, 115 degree temperatures, -9 degree temperatures, 50 MPH winds, ghettos, country roads, city streets, trespassing, creeks, buildings, naked, on a ...Read more
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