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Garmin Watch Software downloads
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 06/21/2010
From: Steve Skinner <>To: Pilgrims <>Sent: Tue, June 15, 2010 9:49:17 AMSubject: FW: Garmin 305 shuts down/off randomnly (KMM17037823I15977L0KM)Pilgrims,Garmin support provided me with the f ...Read more
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CM Marathon Nashville
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 04/24/2010
Hudnall run hard today. Looks like the weather is holding out for you. That's great. SteveO
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Thanks Brett
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 04/16/2010
I hope to run well. Just have to wait and see. I always want to run faster than the last race. It is a blessing from the Lord to be able to run.
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re: tips for sore achilles
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 03/29/2010
Brett... I have been battling with achilles tendonitis for about 2 months now. The advice I got from Darrell Croft (Podiatrists), and Jeff Haushalter's Sports Medicine Doctor said to do the following: calve raises twice a day 20 reps (off stairs work ...Read more
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Gtown 1/2 Run tomorrow 7:30am
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 02/19/2010
Several of us are meeting tomorrow morning at 7;30am to run the Gtown 1/2 course. Glenn and I are planning on running 18 to 20 miles. Whit, and Tammie are doing 15 miles. Joel hasn't decided on his distances. His longrun is scheduled for Sunday.
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Posted By: Steve Skinner on 01/12/2010
Currently the webserver for is down. I wrote the support group about it, but their email goes to the same server, so of course I didn't get a reply. This website has been around for many years, and has a lot of top-no ...Read more
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Last night
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 01/08/2010
The frigid weather didn't stop us last night. 3 pilgrims did a 8 mile street run, and 3 pilgrims did a track workout. I don't know who had it the toughest. Saturday's run will be tough no matter what time you attempt to do it. Whit and I are starting ...Read more
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Results Posted for Hill and Dale, DAC 10k
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 01/03/2010
The results for Hill and Dale, and DAC 10k are posted on the team website.
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Hill and Dale
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 01/02/2010
Looks like I have my work cut-out for me. Joel did well this morning running the Hill and Dale (54:43). There is a APB for Glenn. He missed two runs in a row. Maybe Glenn is gearing up the Chickasaw Chase. I guess I need to make a showing at Chickasa ...Read more
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re: New Years Run
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 01/01/2010
Happy New Year, and thanks for keeping the streets safe. Good job on the run by yourself. I know it was coooold. I have kept a fire burning most of the day. Tomorrow's run should be quite cold too. Glenn and Joel are going to have a tough time runni ...Read more
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re: Alternate Tuesday Run, 12/2
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 12/28/2009
I'm off this week from work. I plan on making the Tuesday morning run.
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re: link
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 12/26/2009
We have been talking about making it as a message board. But I do like the idea of having the run link by itself. That way people wouldn't miss a run. Posting it to a calendar would be nice.
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RUN Link
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 12/26/2009
Vince, would a location run link off the main home page maybe called "Schedule a TeamRun" work. We could post a run "location/date/time" just like using the Blog page.
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Merry Christmas
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 12/24/2009
Merry Christmas to everyone, and "a Savior has been born to you, he is called Christ the Lord".
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it was long, garmin 10k
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 12/20/2009
The garmin 10k was long. My time was not that impressive. So it had to be long. I contested the winner, but he didn't care. He said take it up with the race director. It was a no win situation.
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Garmin 10K 12/18/2009 Collierville
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 12/19/2009
Hey... Joel, guess who was the winner of the "SteveO Garmin 10K" last night in Collierville. That's right SteveO. However, I was the only one running.
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Posted By: Steve Skinner on 12/14/2009
I got your email about the longruns you did this past weekend. Somebody needs to define the word "longrun" to you. Anything 10 miles or less in SteveO's training book is considered an easy day of running.
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Feeling the effects
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 12/12/2009
Rolled out of bed early this morning and knocked out my longrun to beat the freezing rain, Yeah right, it was cool and sunny. Also, I think someone filled my legs this morning with concrete, and lead. It wasn't until mile 5 that I started to get into ...Read more
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Posted By: Steve Skinner on 12/05/2009
Joe should love to hear this, I believe the weight of my garmin actually caused a strain on my left forearm. The constant turning of my wrist to look at my pace irritated it. Or maybe it was the two pairs of gloves, and hand-warmers. Ha....
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Taper, Taper, Taper
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 12/02/2009
Not one for tapering, but sort of enjoying it. My garmin feels deprived this week though. I haven't even needed to charge it. 24 miles this week, and the average pace is not looking good. I guess I need to drop the hammer at St. Jude. I will run unt ...Read more
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USTAF Membership
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 11/29/2009
I just registered for the USTAF membership online. Pretty simple to do. It took about 3 minutes. Cost of membership are as follows: 1 year $30, 2 years $55, 3 years $80, and 4 years $100.
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PTC Website
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 11/25/2009
The PTC website is up and running thanks to Chuck Jones. Let's start getting our Athlete Bio together. I would like to start updating each athlete's data. Please look at Clint Daniel's profile as an example, and provide me with similiar data and a ph ...Read more
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