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MUG MILE Runners
Posted By: Brett Rantanen on 05/23/2010
Congrats to all the runners. Wish I could have been there with ya'll. It is nice to visit and see how folks are doing.
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Hayward Classic
Posted By: Brett Rantanen on 04/24/2010
I've been training with hopes of competing at the Hayward Classic, June 25-27. The mile and the 5000. With lofty goals of a sub 5 and sub 17. Nine weeks to go. It would be an honor to have company from Memphis. What do ya'll think? Brett in Boise & ...Read more
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Good Luck
Posted By: Brett Rantanen on 04/16/2010
Good Luck and God Speed to all the Boston Marathoner's!   Brett in Boise
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re: tips
Posted By: Brett Rantanen on 03/30/2010
Thanks Steve. Took two days off and ran an easy 2 this a.m. Doing the calf raises during the post run stretch felt good. May your shoelaces stay tied. Good luck to all in Boston!Brett in Boise
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tips for sore achilles
Posted By: Brett Rantanen on 03/28/2010
I have yet to break the 20 mile per week barrier and I've been dealing with sore achilles tendon. The left just a little bit. But the right is just below the threshold of not wanting to run. My "hill" course seems to be the trigger. Run in the mornin ...Read more
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Posted By: Brett Rantanen on 02/27/2010
Thanks again for the MUS workout on 2/16. I only managed 1X1200, 1X800 and 3X400. That first 1200 I don't remember my feet hitting the track. Being in the pack again around the turns and through the straight stretches was an experience I've painfully ...Read more
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