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Posted By: Tim Verner on 05/01/2010
I will go ahead and give Nick a shout to see what the possibility of using the CBHS track is.
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Re: Injury Prone
Posted By: Tim Verner on 01/19/2010
Don't worry, Chuck. Thanksgiving 2008 I fell on the trail and skewered my ribs on a cut-off tree stump. While it did not break the rib, it did tear some kind of cartilage. It healed pretty well after about eight weeks. Eight weeks later I tripped ...Read more
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Sunday Run - January 10th
Posted By: Tim Verner on 01/09/2010
Some of us are meeting at the Shelby Farms Visitor's Center Sunday morning ay 8:30. We are planning 13 to 14 on the trails. Temps should not be too bad.
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Sunday Morning Run
Posted By: Tim Verner on 01/02/2010
Brenda and I are running 12 to 13 in the morning starting at 7:30. We are going to stay mostly on the trails meeting at the gravel parking lot on the Germantown Pkwy side of the Yellow Trail. Join us if yall want a good medium distance trail run but ...Read more
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Alternate Tuesday Run, 12/29
Posted By: Tim Verner on 12/27/2009
A few of us can't run on Tuesday night due to a conflict so we are going to meet at the Germantown Center at 9 AM for an 8-mile run on the greenway.
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It's almost time......
Posted By: Tim Verner on 12/18/2009
SteveO, it is almost time to begin to train for Boston. But not yet. The challenge for you coming off of such a good run at Memphis is to actually make it to the start line in Hopkington healthy. Take a few days off during the holidays. Put your ...Read more
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Posted By: Tim Verner on 12/05/2009
Congratulations to both SteveO and John for a great race. SteveO, we knew you had it in you. John, thanks for throwing me your gloves at Union Ave/Danny Thomas. I was able to use what was left of your hand warmers during my stint directing traffic ...Read more
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A Blogging Dynamo
Posted By: Tim Verner on 11/30/2009
SteveO, you are a true blogging dynamo.
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Saturday AM Run
Posted By: Tim Verner on 11/27/2009
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving feast and no one is bleeding. Unfortunately that is not the case at Timmy's household. It seems as the promotional mini baseball bats that are given away at the Redbirds games have become weapons durning my so ...Read more
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