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Christmas Run - Suggest Run
Posted By: Suggested Run on 12/13/2011
Location: Overton Park, near the DoughBoy, or Golf course Clubhouse Time: 6:00 PM Date: 12/13/2011 Runner Suggesting: Joel Lyons Details of run: Paul Sax's annual Christmas  Run 25 years ago Paul Sax, Barry Roberson, John Stubbs, and I started ...Read more
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Vision Quest Continues
Posted By: Bradley Cordts on 08/31/2011
Christine made it into Edmonton on time today, Friday, August 19.  When I last signed off, I was heading out for a walk about to find the Edmonton Running Room. It was a bit of a hike, but I got there.  They did have exactly what I needed. ...Read more
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Vision Quest Boston
Posted By: Bradley Cordts on 08/31/2011
Welcome Pilgrims to my big Canadian adventure for my last chance to qualify for Boston.  My 16 year consecutive streak is in jeopardy. After being stuck in Japan for 39 days before the marathon in Mach and April this year and working crazy hours ...Read more
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Garmin Watch Software downloads
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 06/21/2010
From: Steve Skinner <>To: Pilgrims <>Sent: Tue, June 15, 2010 9:49:17 AMSubject: FW: Garmin 305 shuts down/off randomnly (KMM17037823I15977L0KM)Pilgrims,Garmin support provided me with the f ...Read more
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MUG MILE Runners
Posted By: Brett Rantanen on 05/23/2010
Congrats to all the runners. Wish I could have been there with ya'll. It is nice to visit and see how folks are doing.
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John's workout for Boston 2010 has a link on the Boston results page
Posted By: Chuck Jones on 05/04/2010
If you would like to view John Geiger's workout that he used for his buildup and amazing performance to Boston 2010 go to the results page for Boston results on the Pilgrimage Track Club page or click here. ...Read more
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Posted By: Tim Verner on 05/01/2010
I will go ahead and give Nick a shout to see what the possibility of using the CBHS track is.
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2010 Mug Mile
Posted By: Joel Lyons on 04/30/2010
Hey y'all. We going to have the mug mile this year? It sort of came upon us quickly after so many of us ran Boston. We usually would have it the first week in May to coincide with the anniversary of Roger Bannister's first sub 4 min mile, but that is ...Read more
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Hayward Classic
Posted By: Brett Rantanen on 04/24/2010
I've been training with hopes of competing at the Hayward Classic, June 25-27. The mile and the 5000. With lofty goals of a sub 5 and sub 17. Nine weeks to go. It would be an honor to have company from Memphis. What do ya'll think? Brett in Boise & ...Read more
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CM Marathon Nashville
Posted By: Steve Skinner on 04/24/2010
Hudnall run hard today. Looks like the weather is holding out for you. That's great. SteveO
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